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The New Age

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Title: The New Age
Author: Dwimordene
Summary: Bread, battles, and the ending of an era. A late fic for the T_W "Old English" challenge.
Rating: General
Disclaimers: Not Tolkien or related to him – please don’t sue.
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Jan. 7th, 2014

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Title: One White Tree
Author: Dwimordene
Summary: Many the fruits, but only one white tree: there shall be no new world. The story of the Númenorean resistance.
Characters: Elendil and the Faithful; Pharazôn and the King’s Men; original characters.
Rating: T
Warnings: ‘Tis the season when Dwim writes genocidal revisionism again. I don’t have access to my Silm copy at the moment, so I’m relying on memory, here.
Disclaimers: See warnings. Broke. Not Tolkien or related to him – thanks for not suing. One White TreeCollapse )

A/N: “One white tree”: What brought they from the foundered land/over the sundering sea? /Seven stars and seven stones/ and one white tree. – Gandalf, reciting a line of Dúnedain lore in TTT

I love you, Tolkien. I love you for making Númenor so amenable to the industrial revolution and its failures and hopes. That being said, how on earth did the conservative aristocratic faction manage to reinstate a feudal system after that? That was my question while writing this. Thanks to the TW moderators for the prompts – it wouldn’t be Christmas without tragic drabbles at my house.

And I am sorry if some of this is not quite canonically ordered – I didn’t have my Silm copy to hand while writing this, but I hope I’ve managed not to put anything in there that would immediately betray that fact.

We will not walk in the dark

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Hey, check it out. A little bit of time to post!

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Fic: The Fall of Arnor

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Title: The Fall of Arnor
Author: Dwimordene
Summary: And if victory is a woman, embrace her.
Characters: Fíriel of Gondor, Arvedui, Aranarth, Eärnil, Eärnur
Warnings: Historical revisionism.
Notes: Squeezed this out after hours. Woot! *resubmerges*

The Fall of Arnor
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Fic: Split Visions by Dwimordene

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Title: Split Visions
The Vengeance was a revelation. As Enterprise is being repaired, Kirk and Uhura have a long overdue meeting to discuss exactly what it means for Starfleet and themselves. Some cursing.
Notes: This was so close to finished, I had to. And to those who have commented on stories, lately: thank you! And: I'm sorry, with my new job, I probably won't be online much, or writing fanfiction often, if at all. C'est la vie - it's a job worth doing, even if it cuts into a hobby.

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After Annihilation - by Dwimordene

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Title: After Annihilation
Summary:  A drabble series on mourning, memory, and Vulcan identity. Spock, Sarek, Kirk, Uhura, and McCoy, post-Star Trek 2009.

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Title: The Last Whose Realm Was Fair and Free
Summary: Gil-galad was an elven king. We all know what this means, right?
Characters: Gil-galad, Aldarion, Galadriel, Celeborn, Celebrimbor
Warnings: Political economy does Second Age Elvish (and other) kingdoms.
Disclaimer: Not related to JRRT, and if I were, he'd probably disown me for this one...

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Honesty by Dwimordene

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Title: Honesty
Summary: All that glitters isn’t gold. After the Vengeance goes down, Uhura and Spock have a necessary conversation.
Characters: Reboot!Nyota Uhura, Reboot!Spock
Disclaimer: I don’t write for money. Paramount owns the copyright.
Warnings: Fix-it fic written out of frustration with Hollywood’s incomparable ability to reduce women to their romantic relationships, and then screw those up, too, while pretending they did a great job with them.

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And End Not In Grief or Anger - for Aliana

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Title: And End Not In Grief or Anger
Author: Dwimordene
Summary: The end of the affair.
Characters: Halbarad, ELedhril (Thorondis)
Warnings: AU, a vignette to add to the “Blessings” challenge at T_W. This will make much more sense if you've read my Semper Fidelis, Aliana's sequel, Triage; and either my AU Blessings challenge entries or Resurrection.
Blessing: Friendship
Dedication: For Aliana – a belated birthday present

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